Sustainable Solutions for a Thriving Workforce​​
The multigenerational workplace is shifting the cultural dynamic, creating new and costly challenges for leaders and organizations.
Thriving Workforce Blueprint
Increase your organization's performance trajectory with this synergistic and revolutionary approach to developing your human capital. Strategically aligning these four elements within your corporate strategy will increase retention, productivity and your bottom line.
Our expertise in human capital development is your biggest strategic advantage. 
Leadership and executive coaching packages are designed to quickly effect positive change. 
  • Propel your goals forward
  • Generate measurable outcomes
  • Facilitate learning and clarity
  • Create sustainable change 
​ ​
  1. Discover: Identify goals and success metrics.
  2. Design: Propel your goals forward through application of evidence-based and collaborative solutions.
  3. Deploy: Focus on integration for sustainable change.
Training is designed to educate, inspire and empower employees to live into their potential and increase engagement. General Topics:
  • Positive Leadership
  • Employee Engagement
  • Employee Wellbeing
  • Organizational Resilience

We work with groups of all sizes to deliver educational, hands on and custom-tailored workshops and speaking engagements aimed at meeting the unique needs and specific goals of each team and organization to create long lasting results.​
Consulting parternships are designed to provide customized and evidence-based solutions to your biggest human capital challenges. 

  1. Identify goals, develop success metrics and conduct a metrics driven human capital analysis.
  2. Create a custom-tailored, efficient and strategic Thriving Workforce Blueprint that leverages existing strengths and processes to create a peak performance environment.
  3. Apply evidence-based and collaborative solutions through individual and group coaching and workshops. Engagement concludes with a metrics driven human capital analysis to ensure results.
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Michelle Reitzner, MAPP

Positive Change Strategist​​
Michelle is one of the first 300 people worldwide to receive a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) from the University of Pennsylvania. She is a positive change strategist and works alongside change-agents within organizations to cultivate resilience, engagement and wellbeing. She is passionate about effecting positive change in the workplace, because a thriving workforce is the cornerstone of flourishing families and communities.

As a former Captain in the Wisconsin Army National Guard, Michelle was at the forefront of the Army's initiative to increase resilience and enhance the performance of Soldiers and their family members. She  launched this program statewide and has since trained thousands in resilience and positive psychology tools. She saw firsthand the transformational impact this training had at the individual level and the ripple effect created throughout the organization. It is her mission to create that ripple effect in your workplace. 
Put your strengths to work to empower yourself and your team. 

In this complimentary mini series you will discover and integrate your Signature Character Strengths and learn specific techniques designed to intentionally align them with your leadership philosophy. Complete the free VIA Strengths Survey and you will instantly receive a personalized character strengths profile followed by a series of five daily emails designed to help you mindfully engage your strengths.

Research shows use of character strengths can:
  • Drive engagement
  • Strengthen relationships
  • Boost confidence
  • Decrease negative effects of stress
  • Improve job satisfaction and productivity 
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The Thriving Workforce Blueprint is the solution you are searching for to effect positive change in your workplace. You may already be strategically prioritizing one or more of these elements but research shows you may be leaving money on the table by not employing this synergistic and sustainable solution to solving your biggest human capital challenges. Watch to learn more.

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The multigenerational workplace is shifting the cultural dynamic, creating new and costly challenges for leaders and organizations. Tune in to find out how to bridge the generation gap and effect positive change in your workplace.
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